Light is intended
as an element that
allows not only to see,
but also to observe
and admire with comfort and

The architect Matteo Fiore is an independent lighting designer and deveLops projects integrating techincal and functional values with aesthetic effects in response to customer needs and often anticipating the market and optimizating the costs.

He offers consulting and design services for lighting, lighting products with high technical content and interior design.

The experiences and skills had been acquired during many years of activity in a range of projects for both interiors and exteriors.

Since 1999, his office works in the field of the lightconsultant (especially in retail and showroom, offices, exhibitions and museum exhibits), of the lightdesign and in architectural design.

In 1981 he completed his studies and began his professional practice in architecture and interior design. After a stint as an architect, he has directed his talents on lighting design.

Since 1985 he have been working with companies of international lighting: Flos, Erco, iGuzzini, Reggiani, Zerbetto, Dil. Through these experiences he acquired an approach to the design and production processes that also includes the development of image strategy, product concepts, design and the development of product marketing.

Currently lecturer at Polidesign of Milan in master courses, he has taught at the Istituto Europeo di Design , at the Interior Design Institute , at the Faculty of architecture of Florence and at the Politecnico di MILAN.

He was writer for the magazine Federmobili.

He participated in the book "Architetture di luce" by S. De Ponte, Gangemi (1995).

Matteo Fiore lives and works in Milan.



Buildings Of Historical Value

  • Bank of Chiavari Genoa
  • Greppi building Como
  • Masnago castle Verese
  • Valentino castle Turin
  • Verres castle Aosta
  • Sarre castle Aosta
  • Ussel castle CHATILLON
  • Gran Guardia building Verona
  • Sala Consiliare del Comune Pavia
  • Ducale building Lucca
  • Spinola building Genoa

Shops And Showrooms


  • Desio abbey Monza
  • Cathedral S. Maria del Fiore - Brunelleschi's battistero and dome FLORENCE
  • Cathedral Lecco Lecco
  • S. Martino church Genoa
  • Madonna di Campagna church Verbania
  • Santuario di S. Rita church Turin
  • S. Maria sopra Minerva church Assisi
  • S. Mamante church Novara
  • S.Paolo della Croce church Ovada
  • Chiaravalle abbey Piacenza
  • Viboldone abbey MILAN


  • Pershing S.p.A Pescara
  • Tenaris Houston
  • Cassa di risparmio General Offices Ferrara
  • ACI italia BRESCIA
  • Presidence offices of Università Cattolica MILAN
  • Canon Italia S.p.A. MILAN
  • Accuma S.p.A. Bergamo
  • Nike Reggio emilia
  • Carta SI MILAN
  • Ras MILAN
  • RSI Sistemi S.r.l. Turin
  • GFT Turin
  • Computer and Informatica centre Enel Cuneo
  • Study of the lighting design for the various test control halls FF.SS.


  • Congress Center Ferrero Foundation S.p.A. Alba
  • Congress Center Dibit S.Romanello Foundation Monte Tabor of Ospedale S. Raffaele MILAN
  • Congress Center Spotorno
  • Congress Center Conrad Electronic GmbH Hirschau
  • Congress Building Gorizia
  • Auditorio Brembo S.p.A. Bergamo

Lounge Bar And Restaurants

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